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 What does water level have to do with anything?

Fly,Spin,Spey,CenterpinThe Salmon River in Pulaski, NY is run by a hydroelectric company called "Brookfield Power Company".  They are the ones that are directly responsible for the flow of the Salmon River.  What does flow mean?  Flow is measured in CFS which means, cubic feet per second.  So, the power company will say that they are releasing a flow of 335 cfs.  There are two factors that affect the flow of the Salmon River and they are:
1. rain and 2. melting snow.  So what does this mean to me as an angler?  A lot!  Basically the water level on the Salmon River can change dramatically with

weather.  Not enough rain=drought and low river levels.  Too much rain or melting winter snow can=high river levels and dangerous conditions.  How do I find out what is going on on the Salmon River?  Simple.  You can check two places.  1. The Waterline which is a website that will give you the flow forecast for the Salmon River and 2. The Pineville Gauge which will give you the actual flow of the Salmon River at the Pineville Bridge.  What's the difference between forecasted flow and actual flow?  Forecasted flow only means what the power company will realease out of their resivoir and into the Salmon River.  Actual flow means just that.  It's the actual flow taken from a river gauge on the Salmon River at the Pineville Bridge.  Where is Pineville?  It's considered mid river on the Salmon River.  The Salmon River is about 14 miles long so it would be in the middle.  If the actual flow at Pineville is 1000 cfs will it be a 1000 cfs in the lower part of the river like behind the Yankee Fly & Tackle Shop at the "Town Pool"?  No, it may be more since there is a tributary called Trout Brook that flows into the Salmon River after the Pineville Bridge where the gauge is. 

This may be confusing to you and to be honest, most anglers have no idea what water level means when it comes to fishing the Salmon River.  Simply put, it's means everything.  Water levels vary all the time and go hand in hand with our current and forecasted weather.  We all know that weather changes on a flip of a dime so it's best to keep posted so you can be prepared.  You may always call us or email us and we'll give you our honest opinion based on your fishing skill level. 

The great thing about Pulaski, NY and the Salmon River is this:  you have "options".  What are options?  Basically if the Salmon River is too high for your skill level or ability, you can fish other creeks and streams that are nearby.  We have so many along the Lake Ontario seaway trail and within a 30 mile radius that anyone who is determined and willing to put a little leg work in, they will be successful.  How do I find these creeks and streams?  Simple:  support our tackle shop and we'll tell you where they are.  Or, buy a NYS map and find them yourself.  It's so easy. 

The Salmon River is to be taken seriously.  Even in low water situations, you can still get hurt or drown.  Here is a list of items you will need to be safe and why.
1.  Felt or Cleated footwear:  So you don't slip and fall. Rocks can be very slippery in all seasons.  We can help you choose which ones would be best for you depending on when you want to come and fish.  We know the pluses and minuses to both styles.
2.  Polarized Eyewear: Not only do they help you see fish, they help you see rocks!  People who don't wear polarized eyewear are just plain dumb.  These are the people you see taking a head dive into the river.  AMBER is the best color by far for the Salmon River.  Which style is best?  We'll show you a variety of styles and frames that range from cheap to $150. 
3.  Wading Staff:  May just save your life.  We'll show you how to use this as again, most do not know how.  You always have to cross the river at a downstream angle.  Never cross going upstream.  Why "fight" the river?  Use the river's downstream current to help you with your steps.
4.  Wading Belt:  May too save your life.  Why?  Because when you wear a wading belt, and "if" you fall in, your waders will not fill up and float your body downstream.  The Salmon River has many huge and sharp rocks.  It's not the water that will kill you, it's the rocks.  Bashing your head on a huge, sharp rock will definitely put an end to a fun fishing vacation. 
5.  Type of hat:  It can be a baseball hat, a bucket hat, or any hat that gives cover or shade to your eyes and polarized eyewear.  If it's sunny out you don't want the sun to beam into your eyes and blind you.  Even if you are wearing polarized fishing glasses.  Being temporarilly blinded and trying to take a step may make you fall down and you could get hurt.  So, make sure you have some type of hat to wear. 

All of these items are carried in our shop.  Why do we want you to buy from us?  Because it makes sense to support the business that carries the products needed in the town that you'll be fishing in.  Still not sure why?  Because we know where the fish are!

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