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November BROWN Trout

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Spring NY Steelhead

     Summer Salmon
Summer Fishing Lake Ontario NY

     Fishing Knots
The best way to learn, hire us!

     New York DEC

NYS DEC 1-877-457-5680 Tip Line

     New York Fees
Non-Resident License Fees
(as of Feb.2014)  
Annual Fishing$50.00
7 day Fishing$ 28.00
1 day Fishing$ 10.00

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The Salmon River Falls, only 10 miles from us!


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2014 Spring FLY Fishing Specials: March-May

Wanna "Feel the Steel"???  Call us.  "Here fishy fishy"...


2 free nights(Sun,M,T,W,Th) 1 guided trip Walk-n-Wade  
$699 with the use of a DRIFT BOAT
 2 free nights (Fri & Sat) 1 guided Walk-n-Wade
with the use of a DRIFT BOAT

 Learn ALL ABOUT Fly or Spey fishing:
1. Equipment: What to use, when, and where? 5 wt, 6 wt, 7 wt...which one?
2. Lines & Leaders:  I'm confused?
3. How to tie specific fly fishing knots....tie until you get it right!
4. Casting:  Don't look like an idiot!  Cast with ease and look good doing it!!!
5. Waders: Which ones should I buy?  There's so many to choose from.

(315) 489-6115 to book!

Includes:  Equipment, Flies, Leaders/Tippets, Instruction, and Onstream Guided Experience

2014 SPRING Steelhead Specials: March 1-April 30

Chef J.P. Gavin from MA with a BIG SteelheadMARCH & APRIL are PRIME MONTHS for:
Steelhead Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout

The Salmon River in Pulaski NY 13142 is one of the BEST places to fish in the Northeast for           HUGE                     HUNGRY STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELHEAD


1 FREE night of lodging (Sun,M,T,W,Thr) and 1 Walk-n-Wade  GUIDED Trip
same trip but with the use of a DRIFT BOAT.

$499 2 FREE nights of lodging (Fri & Sat) and 1 Walk-n-Wade GUIDED trip
$599 same trip but with the use of a DRIFT BOAT

All published rates are based on 2 people
We always provide the fishing equipment, bait, and a next days game plan. You provide: food for your guide, gratuity, fishing license, and sense of adventure!  A sense of humor wouldn't hurt either! 

($15-NR/day or $5-R/day) We do have insulated hip boots for rent, $15 in adult sizes, 9-13 Reservations: 315-489-6115, ask for Dawn 

Snagger Hoodies Exclusively SOLD Here

BACK: Snagger HoodieBack: SNAGGER logo with arrow facing either LEFT or RIGHT.  VOTED the most outrageous hoodie on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. 

Snagging is illegal on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY however everyone seems to either snag a rock, a tree, themselves, their friends, and even a fish....hey, it can happen.  It's all in the "intent" and while there are downright "Snaggers" out there, we don't condone Snagging and it is strictly enforced by the DEC officers.  Do you know a "Snagger"????  Personally I think we're all Snaggers in one way or another.  Have fun with the hoodies....that's what their meant for and be sure to email us your Snagger we can put you in our Snagger album!!!!

Snagger Hoodie FRONT
CLICK HERE to see our 2010 SNAGGER Album

CLICK HERE to see our 2011

Navy, Green, PINK
$30  S-XL
$35  2XL-3XL

Salmon River New York Drift Boat Guide

We'll Guide You To Success!We have experienced traditional fly fishing guides as well as spin, centerpin float, and spey fishing guides. Drift boat or Streamside fly fishing trips are available from our full time fishing guides. Patient NY Salmon River guides who love to teach children are available. If your child can sit still for 5 minutes, then they're ready to go fishing.
We've successfully guided kids as young as 5 years old.
We fish all methods and teach all types of people and ages. 

CALL 315-489-6115 to book!!!

Lake Ontario New York: 2014 Summer Salmon Fishing: June,July,Aug

Cliff Packard, Tim Whitman, & Mike Papa Lake Ontario NY CharterWe have Charter Boat Captains located in Mexico Bay, Oswego Harbor, and Henderson Harbor.  Our lodging accomodations are located in downtown Pulaski NY on the Salmon River so you can fish our backyard while you wait to go out on your Lake Ontario NY salmon charter!

: 3 nights FREE stay and 2 days fishing: $1395.00 based on party of can have 1, 2, 3, or 4's up to you!  This is the BEST DEAL ON LAKE ONTARIO NEW YORK FOR SALMON & TROUT!!!!
Fishing Licenses, Tips for 1st Mate, and a lunch for Capt. & Mate are not included.

TROUT & SALMON are available these months, June, July, & Aug.

          J  U  N  E ,  J  U  L  Y ,  A  U  G  U  S  T    O  N  L  Y 

Take your kid salmon fishing in New York State!WE LOVE TAKING FAMILIES FISHING ON LAKE ONTARIO!

Are you hungry for salmon?

All Information & Bookings
 please call: (315) 489-6115
In order to better help you, we need your vacation/trip details and expectations so we can get you every pennies worth of your hard earned dollar!!!

We accept the following Credit Cards

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover accepted at Yankee FlyWe require a credit card with all reservations.  For FASTER service, you can reserve with PayPal and you do not need to have an account, simply a credit card.  Yes, it's THAT EASY!

About the Owner, Dawn A. Rucando

Dawn A. Rucando, Owner & GuideHello everyone!  I'm Dawn Rucando and I'm the owner of Yankee Fly & Tackle Shop as well as www.FishTheSalmonRiver.comSnagger--->, and "Salmon the Other Pink Meat" T-shirts.  YFT has been around since 1982 and was started by Richard Mainolfi who was from CT.  He loved to fish the Salmon River and bought the building which is one of the oldest buildings in downtown Pulaski New York (est. 1860's). He "retired" in 2001 and I bought the business in 2002.  The lodge was opened in 2004 and the Premier Guide Service in 2005.  I book trips for several local guides in the area and prefer to book full time guides first vs. guides who have full time jobs and only work the weekends.  You can say I"m an "advocate" for full time guides as I too am a guide myself and I know how difficult it can be to make a living at just guiding alone.  It is a great job and to make people happy and teach them how to catch that fish, well, it's very rewarding to say the least.  There are several guides in the area and while some are local and many are not, choosing the right guide can be difficult and a crap shoot!  The Salmon River NY is a serious river that has serious salmon, steelhead, brown trout, rainbow trout, etc.  Our river has trophy fish that are measured in pounds, not inches ALL year long and if you want to mark it off your "Bucket List", Call or Email me!  "Here Fishy Fishy"......315-489-6115.

2014 SUMMER River Specials: June 1-August 31

Summer Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing in Pulaski NYFLY FISHING THE SALMON RIVER IN PULASKI NY:  
$599 2 nights FREE Lodging and 1 day of fly fishing
Based on 1 or 2 anglers.
Fish for Atlantic Salmon, Skamania Steelhead, or Brown trout. Learn the basics of fly fishing and get onstream experience.  Wet wade in light pants & shirt like Dennis in picture holding a nice summer run Pulaski NY Atlantic Salmon.
Rate applies to any day of the week/weekend.  All tackle as well as flies are included.  If you have your own equipment, that's fine.  Trip details are discussed after deposit is received. An EXCELLENT way to learn the Salmon River NY BEFORE you come in the fall for KING Salmon!
Already have your own lodging?  $399 just guiding 4-5 hr. trip

We Have Salmon River NY Drift Boat Guides

Flying Fishing Salmon River NYGuide #1  Has experience on the Salmon River since the early 90's and expert knowledge in fly fishing.  He fishes ALL methods and has a drift boat that seats 2 adults comfortably or 1 adult and 2 small children.  He's booked first on my list and great with children!

Guide #2  Has a great temperament all around.  Considered the "Nice Guide" and has his own drift boat.  He ICE fishes in the winter months to feed his family and is in high demand in the Spring & Fall for our PEAK fishing seasons.  He LOVES to turkey hunt in the month of May and will ask that I do not book him in the mornings because he's callin' Mr. Tom until noon. 

Guide #3  Is more about getting fish for his customers.  He can catch them and always has a Plan B and even a Plan C.  He's got a big ego and doesn't want to let his customers down and would DIE if the other guides on the river heard he got skunked!  New Guides as well as Experienced Guides are always keeping tabs on this guide....even going as far as seeing where he parks his drift boat trailer & truck.  They pretty much follow what he does but never admit it! 

Guide #4  Prefers the older crowd and is retired from his city job.  He gets along better with spey fishermen who have traveled the World.  He prefers not to be booked with children because he says he's not a "babysitter" and enjoys the company of gentlemen fly & spey anglers.  This guide is excellent at casting and picking out just the right fly when Mother Nature throws a curve ball.  This guide does not have a drift boat and prefers to get to the river early and be away from the public fishing areas.  He's got a good sense of humor too.

January & Feb= ICE Fishing or weekend WINTER steelhead trips.

March & April = PRIME SPRING Steelhead Season (Browns & Rainbows too) 

Advance Rates Start at $399 and covers up to 2 anglers.  If you're a single angler, the rate is still $399 for an advance booking. 

Please always call to see if there have been any changes or cancellations as we have several guides to choose from.  (315) 489-6115 Depending on the guide, we may be able to squeeze you in last minute if the guide is willing to extend his time on the water. All efforts to secure you a guide will require a non-refundable deposit of $100 at the time of your call.  Please be prepared, thank you.

Whitewater Release Dates 2014

June 21 & 22    400 cfs
Jul   5 & 6        750 cfs
Jul   19 & 20    750 cfs
Aug  2 & 3       750 cfs
Aug  30 & 31   750 cfs

All published flows are approximate and forecasts are estimates only. Actual flows will vary and can change quickly at any time. Always be alert and wear an approved flotation device. Never go in or near the water until you know and accept the risks you are assuming by being in this area!
Any changes to this schedule are normally made by 5:00 PM Daily. One or more flow increases may occur during this forecast period. Here is about how long it will take after a flow increase at the power plant for fast rising waters and swift currents to reach the following places downstream.. ALTMAR - 30 minutes; PINEVILLE - 1 hour and 40 minutes; RT 81 - 2 hours and 50 minutes; Blackhole - 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Lodging in Pulaski, NY: Salmon River

FishOn! Motel, Man DIES in motel fireThis is a reminder that we do not allow smoking in our building.  It's a known fact that smoking causes fires.  Anyone caught smoking in our building will be kicked out with no refunds!  This fire happened December 30, 2009 across the street from us at the FishOn! Motel and "Sportfishing Complex" where it states on the lighted sign, $20 per person.  A man died.  The rumors were that it was an electric heater but that's not the truth.  The truth is that because the rooms are so CHEAP, the owner can't afford to heat them and the renter did use an electric heater however he caused the fire by falling asleep with a cigarette.  This is why there are big bold signs on the front doors of all the rooms saying, "NO SMOKING".  So, we remind you here at Yankee Fly Wife Approved Lodge that there is no smoking in our building.  You can smoke outside around the side of the building and not in front where other guests will be bothered.  Thank you for understanding.  I might also add that I was a smoker of 20 years and quit in 2007. I"m not sure why I did all those years as it's a terrible habit and addiction. Nothing good comes from it. While I understand all about smoking, I just now prefer that smokers do their smoking somewhere else where I can't breath it in or my non-smoking lodging guests.

PULASKI, New York 13142 The BEST Salmon & Steelhead fishing in the Northeast!!!

CALL:  (315) 489-6115 cell 
Owner & Guide, Dawn A. Rucando


Salmon River NY Reports
1. Call or Click Douglaston Salmon Run (DSR)
(315) 298-6672
2. Visit Whitaker's website or call
Whitaker's Sports Shop & Motel
(315) 298-6162 Salmon River NY Reports

Happy Fishing...."FishON!  FishOFF!"

 Snagger Girl Gone Wild: 3-10-12 Report

Salmon River NY ReportsMiranda with a nice Salmon River NY SPRING (March) Steelhead!Snagger Girl Gone Wild, Miranda caught this nice Spring Steelhead all by herself!  She's learning the ins and outs of Steelhead fishing in Pulaski NY and how to make that perfect drift.  She is learning very quickly that the "Yank of the Crank is directionally proportional to the Angle of the Dangle".  Way to go Miranda!  We need more female NY Steelhead anglers!
As for the current conditions, they couldn't be any better.  The Salmon River NY is

Posted by dawn on Saturday, March 10 @ 00:00:00 PST (17519 reads)
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 Shamrock Steelhead: Salmon River NY (MARCH):Report

Salmon River NY ReportsMarch-SPRING-Steelhead 2011St. Patrick's Day falls on March 17, 2012 next weekend and the steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY 13142 continues to thrive due to the one limit per angler regulation the NYS DEC has imposed.  Each angler can CATCH as many Salmon River New York Steelhead as they want but they may only keep one each day.  Our guide service teaches anglers how to properly handle the steelhead so they (and others) can catch and release that same steelhead over and over again.  This St. Patrick's Day we challenge

Posted by dawn on Thursday, March 08 @ 12:20:17 PST (6492 reads)
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 SPRING Steelhead Fishing (March & April 2012)

Salmon River NY ReportsDavid Miller March 2012 SPRING SteelheadIt's official, SPRING Steelhead Season is here!  We had record breaking temperatures yesterday in the mid 60's!  Many anglers took advantage of the nice weather and called in sick!  Speaking of the "weather", you just never know what it's going to be like around Pulaski NY since conditions can change within twenty four hours.  A local guide said to me, "If you're waitn' on the weather, you'll be waitn' forever."  Aint that the truth!  So, when you want to make a reservation for a guided

Posted by dawn on Thursday, March 08 @ 11:39:19 PST (6414 reads)
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 2012 ICE Fishing Derbies: Sandy Pond NY

Lodging In Pulaski New York2012 ICE Fishing Derbies: Sandy Pond NY 2012 SANDY POND ICE FISHING DERBIES
Jan. 29: Mel's Place (Old Silvermine) Buffet & Fish Fry after Derby
(315) 387-9994

Feb. 4 & 5: Mad River Club "Kids Derby" 31st Annual
(315) 387-6310 Register at the Sportsman's Club each morning, Breakfast & Lunch at SPSA each day. Lots of prizes & drawings. Adult divisions also!

Posted by dawn on Wednesday, January 18 @ 07:02:16 PST (7890 reads)
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 WINTER (Dec-Feb) SPECIALS: Guiding & Lodging

Guided Drift Boat Trips: Salmon River NY

WINTER fishing: Salmon River NYWinter Specials For Advanced Bookings:
$599 with 2 FREE nights of lodging and 1 Guided Trip (weekend) & instruction on how to fish "Dawn's Hole"
$499 with 2 FREE nights of lodging and 1 Guided
Trip (weekday)
$399 with 1 FREE night of lodging and 1 Guided Trip (weekday) 
$89+ tax for an additional nights lodging.  All rates are based on 2 people.  Lodge ON the Salmon River NY in our 2 bedroom apartment with FULL kitchen!  Roll out of bed and fish "Dawn's Hole" which is one of the BEST New York Steelhead holes in Pulaski NY!!!  PRIVATE deeded waterfront property on the Salmon River NY.
December thru February......Keep our LOCAL GUIDES WORKING!  **** SPECIAL****

Just Guiding: $399/based on 2 people, not 3!  2 people in a drift boat, 3 people can do a walk-n-wade bank guided trip and the rate would be $199 per person so times that by 3! 

Posted by dawn on Sunday, January 15 @ 00:00:00 PST (10968 reads)
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All content and pictures found on this website is copyrighted and owned by Dawn Rucando, Yankee Fly & Tackle. You may view our copyright policy here.

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Salmon River Waterflow at Pineville Bridge

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BIG Walleye Pike--May--Pulaski NY


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